Contractor Insurance

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Contractors and construction professionals work in a high-risk industry with numerous regulations. Contractor insurance protects construction professionals from risks such as accidents and injuries, faulty workmanship, equipment damage, and more. When you’ve got the right insurance protection, you can focus on building your business.

There is a perfect contractor insurance solution for your specific trade and your individual business needs. From electrical, HVAC, and carpentry contractors to owners of construction firms of all sizes, there’s a contractor insurance solution that will meet your needs.

General Liability

Texas Insurance Place is your #1 source for Contractors General Liability in Texas.

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Contractor Bonds

Need a contractor bond fast? Let us get you the license, bid, performance, payment and other surety bonds you need to get back to work.

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Commercial Auto

Affordable Commercial Auto Insurance in Texas. Commercial auto insurance protects the hard-working vehicles contractors and construction professionals need to do their job and grow their business.

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Workers' Comp

Workers’ comp insurance protects your employees from accidents and injuries in the high-risk construction industry. Find out more.

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Builders Risk

Find out how builders risk insurance protects your investments during the course of construction, and shields you from unexpected losses.

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Tools & Equipment

Tools and equipment insurance helps contractors protect their tools and equipment from of the most common risks of the trade, like theft or damage.

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Discover the ways umbrella insurance can offer the ultimate protection for your construction business - with one affordable premium.

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Plumbing Insurance

Get commercial general liability insurance for your Texas Plumbing Contractor business today.

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Electrician Insurance

Business insurance for Electricians and Electrical Contractors in Texas. Affordable rates for Commercial General Liability, Commercial Auto, Worker's Compensation, Umbrella and Property insurance.

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HVAC Contractor Insurance

We offer Commercial insurance, Texas general liability insurance, HVAC Liability Insurance, HVAC contractor insurance, heating & air conditioning insurance.

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